Sunday, July 17, 2016

Today, I was human.

It's fair season, we all know what happens during fair season. We eat. A lot. And I myself fell victim to the smells of the yummy, tasty, but fattening, greasy foods at the Waseca County Free Fair of 2016! There are two fairs I attend each year, and the first of the two ended today. Now I can get back to my clean eating & rid my body of the toxic grossness I plagued myself with the past 24 hours.

Cheese curds-my absolute weakness. A MUST for me to have each year. The ooey gooey goodness of these perfectly golden deep fried artery cloggers is something I can't pass by. I'm human.

My dear friend Connie has her own soft pretzel truck at the local fair. Soft isn't even the word for it. The dough is perfectly seasoned, and definitely perfectly fried. So, so delicious. Again, I'm human.

I once found a caramel pecan funnel cake, and when I say once, I mean I have yet to find another stand that offers it. Personally, I feel it's a blessing in disguise because I think I would attend that particular fair daily just to get my quota in for the year. Again, I'm human.

So now that I've had all of this crap, I attest to you-I. Am. Human. Were you human this weekend?

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