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I'm a mom, wife, food critic/blogger, I'm also a coach with Beachbody. I'm an animal advocate with my local humane societies, as well as the Program Director at the Haiti Street Dog Project, pet owner to many, missionary of Haiti, I'm a Jill of many trades! I have 6 children, 4 grandchildren, 3 dogs, 5 cats (all are rescues).

I LOVE to cook, love it! I hate, hate, hate the clean-up afterwards though - HA! I enjoy trying new ingredients, creating new versions of ready-made items such as cream of "something" soups, or recreating salad dressings and more! HOMEMADE is better for you-try it-your body will thank you!

Cooking BIG meals has always been my thing as I have a very large family, but as my children have grown, and so has my mid-section, I have learned to trade in the casseroles for cabbage, carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, etc.  I share a huge passion for food, nutrition, and fitness-I'm my own work-in-progress; I've struggled with my own weight for years, and who better to coach you than someone who has lived the part herself!

I love Pinterest and do find a ton of my ideas on there; I do not claim to own all recipes I share unless I feel I've made a significant enough change to make it my own. I've never attended classes or school for cooking, I'm self-taught, my way may not be the right way, you may disagree with what I write or post, or cook, or not cook. Coaching is therapeutic for me; I enjoy coaching people which is why I became a health coach! So welcome to my journey-lets do this together!

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