Thursday, January 9, 2014

Work In Progress

Yesterday was a busy day on my computer; I spent a majority of the day working on my cookbook! At days end, I was 23 recipes in; 23 of my personal, and favorite recipes! I talked with my printer later on in the day to see what type of format would be ideal for this type of book, so that part seems to be out of the way. As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, my book will be available for purchase on Amazon but also in print for those of you who prefer a paper copy.

This particular cookbook will cover big meals mostly; I plan to release an appetizer/snack type book in the future. Right now my focus is to get my meal cookbook done, published, and in the hands of my supporters by the end of January.

Cooking is therapeutic & relaxing for me; I may not cook the healthiest of meals, but with the release of my upcoming cookbook, I've been working towards making changes for a healthier version as well! I'm not a ground beef person, so I always replace with chicken or turkey whenever I can.

I just wanted to post this update as I know a lot of you are just coming across my new blog, and my new Facebook page. I'll be doing a lot more advertising in the weeks to come as I hope my e-cookbook will be a success, and of course, no success comes without the support of their fans!

So thank YOU for all you do!


Brandie A.

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