Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chicken Curry Confidential

So last week my 15 year old son asked for my recipe to my chicken curry---that's like, asking me for my weight, or a kidney! TOP SECRET! When I asked him why he wanted it, he said it was for an assignment for his English class. Kind of an odd assignment for an English class, don't you think? Apparently they were working on instructions & how to write them in detail, and in order, of course.

Reluctantly, I shared it with him. I almost wanted to fake some of the ingredients, simply because I didn't want his teacher to have the actual  recipe. Have you ever felt like this before???? Sheesh I felt like I was part of the CIA & had to keep my info under lock & key! I mean, this stuff is to die for, it's not just your ordinary run of the mill meal, this is---golden! Ask my family & friends, they'll tell ya all about it!

He printed it out, with a picture of it too, he even had to have a "warning" in the recipe so I instructed him to "warn" the reader to not overcook the rice lol That works, right?! I mean, overcooked/undercooked rice can completely ruin a meal!

Curry, do you have that in your spice rack? It's a must here in my house-chicken curry is requested at least twice a month. Never gets old! Well, if it sits in the refrigerator long enough it would go bad but it NEVER lasts more than a day. No wasted chicken curry here! Back to your spice rack-here's a few reasons to have curry in your diet.

P.S. the chicken can easily be replaced with shrimp ;-)

P.P.S. this recipe will be available SOON in my e-cookbook!

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