Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Velveeta shortage?! Pffft!

Make your own I say! Back in the day, butter, milk, cream, cheese, they were all made from scratch! American's are a society of convenience so we buy prepacked everything including our boxed meals-yuck! Yes, I have a couple boxes of Hamburger Helper in my cupboard, but that's for those nights when we need something right now and the kids have friends over at the last minute. Seriously-stop buying prepacked anything, there's chemicals, there's a ton of sodium, and you're paying way more for your meals than you should be!

I found this delicious recipe to make my own mock Velveeta cheese-it's the bomb! Way fewer chemicals (the block of cheese was store bought) & artificial junk than the original. WAY cheaper too!

So instead of going out and buying into this marketing ploy that Velveeta is running out-get creative in the kitchen-and make your own :)

Photo courtesy of America's Test Kitchen 2011


  1. Help me out here.... you say you have a recipe for homemade "Velveeta." But the link that's labeled "Velveeta takes you to a page labeled 'American' cheese. I'm seriously confused! Are you claiming that Veveeta and American Cheese are one in the same??

  2. Hi! Noooooo I'm not saying they're the same, I'm saying that I have used that recipe, and it's just like Velveeta, but it's homemade, and American cheese is part of the ingredients. In the's a Velveeta replacement :)