Saturday, January 4, 2014

Home Cooked vs Fast Food

I love to grocery shop-love it; I almost find it therapeutic, like cooking! Today my husband & I went grocery shopping to restock our cupboards with food to make the many new recipes I can't wait to try! I put together my list, gathered my coupons, made my list of stores I needed to hit for their individual specials, and off we went!

As we wandered up & down the aisle for ingredients for Chicken Marsala, Creamy White Chicken Lasagna, Walking Taco Casserole, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, to name a few, I thought to myself "how many people go out to eat rather than cook each day?" Cooking doesn't come natural, either we got it or we don't! I myself would rather tear my kitchen apart and whip up a home cooked meal than go to McDonald's or Hardee's or any of those nasty, greasy, places. Do you know the caloric intake of some of those fast food items?! WOW!

Obviously with travel, appointments, and the such happen, fast food at times is inevitable. Even though you stop at one of those cesspools for some quick grub doesn't mean you have to eat it! How about a salad, or instead of a McChicken get a grilled chicken sandwich, or if you go to Burger King, get a chicken sandwich instead of a burger. The sacrifice is simple, it just takes discipline & dedication on your part.

But, of course, home cooked meals are best :) The more YOU cook at home, the more YOU know what's IN your food. Take Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup for example; 32% of your daily recommended intake of Sodium is in that 14 oz can!! 484 mg of Sodium! YUCK! Solution? Make your own! I found a great recipe on Pinterest that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Cream of Something (chicken, celery, mushroom). I love it! I've used it a quite a few times, and you'll find it works in some meals, while in other meals the original soup is ideal because the taste is a bit different but still very delicious. You save money, you save recycling, you save on a trip to the store because most items you should have at home.

So, the point of my post tonight-cook your own food whenever possible and stay away from fast food, or preprocessed box meals, whenever you can! :) Your body will thank you!

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