Tuesday, June 28, 2016

30 Day Challenge Starts July 1st!

We're just 3 days away!!! Are you ready for your 30 day challenge? FREE access to 100s of amazing workouts, all accessible right at your fingertips! No discs, no dvds, just login to your device & get your workout on anywhere!

Not sure what to eat during your challenge? Beachbody provides a weekly meal planner of delicious meal ideas, including a shopping list & nutrition information!

Shakeology is your healthiest meal of the day - get the most of your 30 day challenge with one of our many flavors! (not required to participate in the challenge but definitely encouraged for the best results)!

So, are you ready? Challenge starts July 1st!  If you need help setting up your account PLEASE let me know & I will personally meet with you to do so!

Change your life here: www.coachbrandie.com

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